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mission statement

Laguna Madre Traders is a family owned & operated business founded on the principle of creating sustainable products and working with honest people all over the world. As we help you by providing quality furniture and decor we also help our manufacturers to build a better life. We believe in leaving the world a better place, not just through sustainability, but also though human connection. 

Our specialty

Laguna Madre Traders specializes in the unique & unusual. Everything from elite rustic & western goods to one of a kind reclaimed treasures from around the world. In truth there is nothing we can't create! Our pieces are handmade from various specialty woods (Mesquite, Aged Pine, Mango, Cherry and others). Our list of handmade items is practically endless and changes and grows every year. If you can't find it anywhere, we can most likely custom create it for you. We're here to help!

giving back

You can feel good about doing business with us. We strongly believe in Fair Trade practices, equality and sustainability. As we collaborate with artisans in Mexico, India, and Vietnam we build stronger trade ties, help products reach the American marketplace and create growth for everyone involved. When you buy our products you are supporting that growth and development. We also love to give back to our communities... check out some of the organizations we have sponsored over the years:

Blue Sky Therapeutic Riding

Denton County ASPCA
Toys for Tots
LARAS House - Animal Rescue



Most of our staff has been with us for 5+ years. A sense of family and belonging is ingrained in our company's culture. With any small business teamwork is crucial & we happen to have a great team. We have mastered the art of customer service. We are here to provide the best selection, experience, and service possible.


When you visit our store you'll meet a staff of dedicated individuals ready to show you what sets us apart. 

The most important part of our business is you. For years we thrived on word of mouth alone, which is remarkable and unheard of in retail. It is a true testament to what a wonderful customer base we have. We look forward to seeing you in our store. Thank you!!  

To our Customers

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